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A brief fall

It is a great surplus of branches, the beginning of autumn color full branch. Autumn came up to the Olympics, the wind, and the golden glittering medal for this fall, add some meaning, many downtown with many colors. How many seeds, some flowers, some fruit, some work, how much sweat, how many painstaking effort, won several harvest in autumn; it is so simple, autumn is so heavy!

Rain and rain torrent swept, the wind blowing with the wind mercilessly destroyed, the warmth of the sun and sun burn; autumn character calendar on this tough, autumn is so precious, Naisbitt, admirable lessons! Being open, soil buried together, silently bearing, absorption, respiratory, release, transport, to release life duties and all the energy, is autumn harvest, autumn is so heavy!

A few cool autumn, leaves, colorful, comfortable pleasure; some fruits, heaps of grain, leave a smile, leaving the computer, pay much, reap geometry? Autumn is so amazing, full of the happiness!

Wisps of clouds, a piece of blue sky, a wind, go a few frustrated, sad memories away many, many thoughts, leaving many mature and many regrets. This success or failure, has been fixed. To resist cold, precision spring, summer rain arrived, to count the next autumn.

Autumn is the outcome of life period; autumn is the life comes down period; autumn is the life playing seed stage; autumn is the end of life period. Spring sowing bell, summer growth, autumn harvest, winter rest, autumn is the life cycle of the joint point.

Autumn is not easy comprehension; perception of autumn to the long and hard fall; perception of quality of life, life extension is important; business and life is the theme of autumn. The book, in a way, a few polite; some modest, some confidence, few honest, many persist; several Xu's broad, many justice, tolerance, many many blame; some bear some responsibility, bear, many, many, many simple patience; how many hard, many dedicated to create life, golden autumn.

When the hard winter, spring, summer has been paid, autumn arrived, please step forward, to find that the green in colour, you will be intoxicated with praise; open your mind to accept the crisp autumn breeze, you will Lang rich suddenly; please you picked the purple, red, yellow, green fruit, suck the sour, sweet, sour and sweet that it, the sweet juice, you will fine drunk ran; please you in Pro eyes, see surge wave information, microwave has a cloud, cloud walking, you will be indifferent Shu-ran; would you please to the autumn sun, sun the dark days, dark heart, and you will feel the autumn is the harvest time great mountains and rivers, is our feet looking for spiritual home. Concept of biological old material turnover, life in the superposition overlays, loop does not cease. The mind, close to nature, you will feel that life and death is natural in the loop, thus facing the more comfortable.

Delicious food

Summer, had been to Zhengzhou for a week. Some of my friends know that I will stay in this city for twenty days, send kind reminding: if it is to handle it, if it is to travel, I may be wrong. I can only console oneself with soothing remarks smile, but we like this occupation income level, to say during the holiday travel, in which people would laugh.

There was once a friend and talk to me, speak admire teacher this occupation, all the year round. And he gave me an account, said teachers a year only seven months, nearly half of the idle time. My friend is a travel enthusiasts, has been suffering from no time to go out, so was very envious of my spare time so rich. But I said to him, we have some spare time, I would also like to travel, but our occupation treatment but did not allow me to have this kind of idea.

Having said that, you know I'm Zheng, not a tourist. Last year, and I teach twelve years class long lover suddenly be prompted by a sudden impulse, not wanting to have a test in a graduate student to read, and I know it was her heart a beautiful dream. May be " Heaven pity ", has over thirty years she finally have got one's wish to enter the Henan Agricultural College of graduate class. I once secretly teased her, "you ah, have quickly become yesterday chrysanthemum, also spelled this old bones stem what ah? " She was not angry, because I know, in the heart has a dream person must be very greatgohour.

The summer vacation, this is the rest of the time, she had to lower tuition back and forth, at six in the morning bell rang, she would like electricity and said, is it sit public transportation, if encounter traffic jam. Often she is the first one to get to school earlier than the president, to three points! I want to have this kind of spirit person regardless of what things will have a certain result. Four classes in the morning, at noon in school classrooms at rest, the afternoon is section four, plus two at night. The end of the day, ten hours to work, let alone people, is the machine should also have a little rest idle, on the point of lubricating oilgohour!

Close paragraph is in summer, hot weather anomalies. Last night she came home at nine ten, headache, but is not due to cold caused by. It is a serious physical overdraft, nutrition and not quite keep pace with. I said to her, " you must give this old bones consumption? " But in your heart it is not helping her busy and sad.

Male mantis to his lover, only sex once the female body to be most willing to eat. This is how tragic tragic love view! But this is the animal world, maybe we wise man who will not so show special preference to die, for iraq! Well, I think I am neither a male mantis, and she and I have to I will die for her. Since cannot impose glory, splendour, wealth and rank, Zhuweicuiyong, as she did every night. She likes dinner.

Traveling I

During the Spring Festival, my mother said, while people?? comparison of Qi, a family picture. We all agree. Remember the first time take family or childhood, one year in Xi'an work uncle home to visit relatives, please Village studio man according to Zhang Quanjiafu. Then grandpa and grandma seventy, five children have their own family, knee grandchildren communities, the largest teens, at least not to age. In the photographer's command, you son of up and down eighteen people in floor lined up, Grandpa and grandma sat in the middle of the front row, eight children, four sons, daughter-in-law is behind, is the background of flue-cured tobacco leaf production team with tall chimneys, streams of people busily coming and going, a magnificent. It is eighty time metaphase thing, was near 30 years, photos in black and white. At that time, my uncle and aunt got married not long ago, the pictures of the four aunt wearing the suit, hot hair, or the bride looks, old beautiful. I was seven or eight years old, five or six years old sister, prying the neck with pigtails, a popular flower scarf, our home four, five and four family of three children was born, in less than a year old brother in her grandpa bosom, well-behaved, facing the lens cry.

Second Zhao family is my brother and sister in five. In fact, not the whole family, because mom and dad did not participate in. That is my childhood life is a precious memory, for those of us living in rural children, photography is an extravagant thing, nor a few years. At that time our family or a big family, Grandpa and grandma, mom and Dad, my uncle four uncles and eight children live together, Grandpa Cheng tube finance, eat mess. This way of life continued until I graduated from high school. When their children are small but lively, live together peacefully, a family of fourteen people live together in peace together, labor to become rich, in the neighborhood of eight townships pass from mouth to mouth with approbation. Later, big kids, money a lot of places, family contradiction is increasingly outstanding. Year of hard work, do not have the financial hegemony, mother and aunt heart often have wronged. She is a strong woman, said:" as long as I live, who also don't want to break up." The second time, and one day the village a common photographic person, mother to come up with their own" case-dough", to give our sister five photograph. She did not say what, on the face has seen the boss is not happy. The photographic artist put a piece of cloth hanging in the home background on the walls, our five sisters station in front of, take a color photo. The picture seems to be a park, with pavilions, terraces and open halls, bridges. We also have never been to the park. I was twelve years old, with long ponytail, wearing a blue shirt -- that is my memory of the most beautiful clothes. Small presentation is only one year old, is a bald, sitting on a borrowed children tricycles -- she now female big eighteen change, mention this picture will complain that the mother did not make her look good. She is also small, how can understand my mother on the day of the bitter?

Mom and dad went through our five sisters go through untold hardships to pull big, have four daughters graduated from University, participated in the work, days gradually all sufferings have their reward. Take the whole family, our family time. The daughter before married and family took a picture, then into another family, life and turn over a new leaf. Grandpa and grandma will be dead by uncle, also a few years ago died of illness -- when I got married, he deliberately come back. We had several age difference is not big, in just a few years time, marry, a son, have set up their family. Now, in addition to sister not yet married, other children are settled, let parents rest assured. To everyone's life are generally so," personnel has metabolic, between the ancient and modern into", go to, come to, appreciate their sour, sweet, bitter, hot, weaving their own life of joy.

In recent years along with the popularity of digital cameras, the photograph is not what is difficult. The computer also stuffed with various photos, but with his parents as is scanty, but not a decent family. Think carefully, the child is not busy, busy working parents, and too little time,

Flower words

Recently, a trip to the park. Garden flowers open, be riotous with colour, bright and colorful, really beautiful, presumably leisurely holiday, flowers people really many. Some couples together, some with the child, some with a lover, and hold the old man ... ... The flowers are different, there are of course different flowers mentalityhair3k.

It is to take care of different personnel flowers needs? Flower arrangement is also very important. Common, easy to grow, the market less valuable flowers, mostly at the side of the road along the line. One for the common people by the flowers, less energy; and secondly because of reduced pedestrian accidentally damage and economic loss caused by. Class a little higher from the far some flowers are . People can watch without too close, to avoid being trampled. But a rare flower, often placed from the way most far up. People can look at the appreciation, and must be approached carefully to enjoy, to circumvent some of screen bar went forward, it will take some effort.

Nature also is such, roadside, are often extremely easy to grow the ordinary flower. The time is not very long. But the really precious rare flowers, often growing in special environment, or in a pedestrian beaten, even high precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. Generally difficult to see, more difficult to reach.

A child sitting in the roadside, eat with appetite appreciate flowers. He has seen too much, there will be no more, everything here is beautiful. He likes on a cluster of yellow flowers, reached over, picked a flower, on hand, quickly crumbled. My mother saw, gave him a small palm, hit the child cry cry. Next to a big sister said to her:" why do you want to hit a child? The flowers are not valuable, took nothinghair3k!"

A dress is simple couple came. Bent carefully to appreciate the flowers. Two people gently up debate:" flower like tours, we only care to face each other, not demand perfection, inclusive of each other's shortcomings

, appreciate each other advantages, you will get a good mood. A doubles as the couple walked, see open so bright flowers, very glad. His girlfriend was squatted down to see the flowers, the man stopped. Said: "this is very easy to see the flowers, worth squat body to enjoy? To see is to see grades into a little higher!" Women appreciate a couple of words, comfortable with its away.

A middle-aged woman helped an old grandma come, see is a pair of elegant woman. On the side of the road to watch it for a while, the middle-aged woman to help grandma to look into the flowers. Grandma refuses. She murmured:" do not be deceived by public opinion, flower is worth people to give the! Flowers are in order to obtain a good mood, need a good mood. Good mood, what grade do you can see its bright, do not blame the flower no, that is not a good flower. The mood is not good, no matter what look is to owe beautiful flowershair3k."

A retired old gardener was also grandson helped down here. In appreciation of several strains of noble name, grandson called he buys a bottle of home support. The old man said: "don't buy! Precious flowers can appreciate, but who can not buy. If anyone can buy, who can afford to buy, who can raise well, she will not be called a rare flower! Five groups, five different state of mind, I heard five different argument. Different life experiences, the mentality of different flowers, flowers needs are not unified, the flowers of the realm of inconsistency, flower also had the distinction between high and of the.

I have to forget


The mind is like a dust, down in the past. Float to the future. Falling into the eyes would tear out, once the sea always infinite feeling, so year after year, winter to spring. Years, you teach me not only patience, just sigh, also church I ordinary days, to learn to live independently, learn to put aside those trivial things, change a mood, learn to treat their own. From the young girl to this is to Renqi mother, time past by the time quietly from the fingertips to steal, is the feeling luohuayouyi, or sigh human feeling is like running water? Go through the mill of the life lets me learn tolerance and patience, learned to put all the emotions hidden, learned without tears bitter, and the smile with tears. No matter how the status quo, in my mind there is always a clear sense of existence, the heart still has a stubborn pursuit of direction.

Love feeling and thinking of the little drops of life, made me sad every tree and bush, an eyes moved, a word will take my anger. Maybe, all of these, can generalize with a word, that is: life.... Life is beautiful, but also there will be too many helpless. Perhaps, life has too many helpless, I just used to contain and forget about it, however, when the scene as the same picture appeared in front of you, the deep hurt, still be touched to the heart the most endurance limit? Buddhism spread " ego", I want not to lay down their own, but the experiences of the people and things

Long life road, there are always some helpless life journey, sometimes think, maybe, it is these helpless journey had led us constantly aware of their own, constantly adjust their direction in life, many years later when we look back, there will be joy, also has the tears, but more or memory, because these memories, not only records the real helpless, also records the real life!

Aloof heart

 I thought you is my destination, I always thought that you will be my only harbor dock, when the promise into a lie, I am a person how to realize the dreams of the future, and be close by. I stood there, why, your face clear, I feel each other's heart never too far, you come I can never be close to shore, love is still in the heart, feeling it fade away, fade away and who had not cherish affection?

Why when I decided not to wait for you, I still could not hide my sorrow, in the silence of the night got drunk, your shadow still in front to and fro, told his past to let him past, gently shook his head, saying to himself to lose you really does not matter, since then no longer obsessed, elegant turn around, take leave, if I leave, never ever meet again.

Why when I decided not to wait for you, I still could not hide my sorrow, in the silence of the night got drunk, your shadow still in front to and fro, told his past to let him past, gently shook his head, saying to himself to lose you really does not matter, since then no longer obsessed, elegant turn around, take leave, if I leave, never ever meet again.

You say, I believe, you say, I want to do it, but I can not, can not love, nor can't look back, just, if I look back, too much to handle? If I come back, what face? Remember that we have loved, we two a spoony man is so brave, you gently said to me, you are my only love, you said you would give me happiness, life is sweeter than honey, you said your heart is I can always be free, you must take me see the sundowners, walk through the green mountains and rivers, you said you'd take me to retrieve lost emotion, you are the ideal setting for a couple in love do not regret ever love love.

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