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  • by スポンサードリンク


Na good

In my " 100 treasure chest", carry a pair of new black velvet boots loves, the mother in the eight seven years before the world tolerate the pain disease specially for me, say I teaching work from dawn to night, wearing a warm winter. The sole foot finger on a thick, thin, like sesame seeds, dense, well-proportioned, arch part of a blossoming plum flowers embroidered, the periphery of the sole is white selvage, warm and comfortable, elegant in appearance.

In school, my colleagues envy eyes down, say I wear shoes chic, nice, asked me where to buy. I am very proud to tell them: these shoes are my mother do, can't find it anywhere. From that moment, I feel more mother's shoes in my heart so deep meaning.

Your mother has been dead for more than 20 years, whenever I get those boots entrusted in the hands, the tears are falling, the overall feel is so heavy, sour, desolate, past hardships like movies always on my mind flashed, the mother hard haggard appearance be visible before the eyes. Thousand layer shoe bottom, is suffering years of accumulation, pin, numerous hardships, is the epitome of mother, plum, exquisite, it is mother love, hurt, heart ... ...

I am wearing a mother do shoes through childhood, entered the juvenile. Boys naughty me, did not understand my mother do shoes is not easy, only know how to play, a number of years I worn shoes up to. Seven, eighty time, a six buccal people, rely on parents to earn workpoint, home year after year is a food, clothes are our sister ship back to put on, but also for our three sisters school, tuition fee every year by hand, which is the money to buy shoes. The most bitter is the mother of, come down one year, made at the end of cloth shoes, less than two, many a few double, mother use many roots twine, right back and left a number of marks, hand grinding out many bullae ... ...

Mother do shoes suitable climate, four seasons are different. Not only because of a large family, the difficulties of life, the more important mother do shoes worn on feet foot, soft and comfortable, particularly, light. Which season does not wear a mother to do shoes, the heart will feel empty.

Mother of good workmanship in seven. Eight township is famous. Spinning, weaving, tailoring, sewing, flowers, embroidery is famous, mother " shoes art " is more come first on the list. A rainy day or season, the total number of aunt, aunt, young daughter-in-law took the shoe to ask for advice. Mother is kind, easy-going, they often Benra home, Bianna soles, from time to time to explore " shoes art ".

Ideal state

A person sitting in the balcony, looking at the sky, see the moon and the stars, a dark night. Breeze through the railings, blew into the balcony, like to appease my uneasiness, tell me not to be tomorrow.

Looking back at the past time, watching the May drew to a close, June come step by step, graduated from once again from the earth, just at that time has no sense of. It is their graduation season, all the joys and sorrows have nothing to do with me.

One day sitting in the bus home, hear the girls talk about senior high school entrance examination, it seems like only yesterday that I like that, now wanted the college entrance examination. At that moment, just a bit lost, was found by me without their presence, just one person to face the future. Return to an empty house, no one would answer as I opened the door, console yourself it doesn't matter, not accustomed to it.

Along with brother senior high school entrance examination has ended, he waited for the results announced at the same time, pulling up my phone. We never talk for a long time, so I want to talk things up. We talked about him for something, ask him about future plans, we imperceptibly talked to his future college entrance examination. It was my three years ago, he is also three years later. Just three years time, we have to change, when and how we live in this world. Once fantasized about tomorrow, is our life today, and tomorrow is unknown to exist in our life.

Is it right? Tomorrow to fantasy, will not be shattered on that day. Many people have said to me, we already had the imagination age, must learn to face up to the reality, but still I can 't control myself to tomorrow. Just in this way, gradually become a grain of dust in the wind, blowing in the wind, no clear direction. The world of tomorrow, was full of dust. The heart is very clear, this state is not what we want, but still so freely floating in the.

June has already become yesterday, today is once fantasized about tomorrow. Gap always exists in our life, this is the reality, not to expect tomorrow will not be lost? Now that July and marched into the epilogue, I find that this half time really is serious through the days are so can be counted on one's fingers. Have a look around once peer partners, some have gone, and some have soared, only one person I was still on the road to struggle. Began to doubt his own choice, feel just a shell. So wrote " feel as if the sky a silence" mood, now look at the words still remain in the space, the mood is still very clear. Perhaps the time is the best antidote, will heal your soul.

A gentle voice with the breeze came to my ears, you want to believe, do not reach tomorrow. The future is always my dream, is always your own, no one can help you to achieve it. Sunflower in the rainy day still blooming, life can not see hope to stick. Some things do not see hope to insist, but insists there will be hope. There seem to be heavy rain washed the sky becomes clear, bright, heart clouds also gradually drifting away.

Along the way, has lost, but not often speak, always want to let oneself become strong, believe you can put those trivial things to deal with. But there are exceptions, when I could no longer bear the negative emotions, is the best way to find someone to talk to. So, in this way, I thank you very much for the family when I was feeling down to encourage me, can talk. Thanks my friend, although we do not together, but sometimes, your simple words always inadvertently touched my heart, make me full of energy.


Not lonely

The weather this is very cold, just leaves people a lot, of course it is fall over each other is almost over. Soon, their body begins to heat, forehead?? began to sweat, chilly autumn wind will gradually become comfortable soundlybeauty-momen.

From the tree leaves are falling down Yang?? or golden yellow, still last life vigor and color, but they are nimble, freely falling way, and let people think of first leave the nest 's flying birds, they are about the life of dynamic scene is very fresh. However, the people do not need to take the leaves of these is some vitality yellow poplar leaves, they just raking long landing has been dry dark brown soil like color of poplar leaves. The kids' hands bamboo rake very decent, like outspread fingers, swift and accurate selection of dry leaves. The breeze blows, the ground dry leaves a piece of sand and noise, and the children raking the leaves sound together, is very good. Fall to the ground to dry the leaves, as if from an infestation of general in succession come unexpectedly huddle together onto the grass, roots, rock lee. And yellow leaves of autumn grass, Yang black brown, the leaves on the trees yet to fall, remaining in the leaf such as shoot Thousand Palms in the juvenile and the general be in fine fig breeze in the clap hands and stridor, those fragile blade was able to emit enough pressure water flowing sound, and is the clatter of the same a tone, and so, the clap hands in poplar leaves, as more and more Acer increasingly beautiful, in the heart of children, so the poplar leaves in the thousands that insecurity of music.

It was getting late, children leaves backpack has" pots", opposite the village green, purple haze and smoke has been flowing to the riverside, as to convey a family kitchen sink and homely fare incense, it is called the children of Lan Shuye, and they, really already hungry.

Carrying a backpack full of dry leaves, again above press a few stones, home. When crossing the bridge, or the like has been waiting for the children, the children arrive, and a good blow, blow, blow the children thin clothes, blowing the children unkempt hair, the threat is generally issued "calls -- called --" sound. At this time, suspension bridge cable bridge is a swing as lightly shake up, children hold the bridge on both sides of the chain slowly walk. Unruly wind seems not to blow the children's, but to blow the children backpack in the dry leaves, but the children are in the backpack and above pressure pieces of stone, the intent may be to blow Light Kids Backpack in leaves, so it is impossible. The breeze seems to get desperation, more vicious blow, some leaves would be blown out, up into the air, blow into the distance, but most fall into the raging river.